Cookie Policy

Welcome to Finance Raters, where your privacy is a top priority. Before using our site, note that our site uses cookies for various purposes, including monitoring visitor preferences and enhancing user experience. Since you’ll be interacting with Finance Raters frequently, we want you to be familiar with the cookies you may encounter and their uses. Read this cookie policy carefully and take notes.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of text or data that our website sends to your browser when you visit Finance Raters. These items are stored on your device. Their primary purpose is to help our site remember crucial information from your last visit, such as your site display and language preferences. Finance Raters needs cookies to run smoothly and optimize your user experience.

Like most websites, Finance Raters uses two types of cookies: persistent and session cookies. Persistent cookies are sent to your device and stored there for a predetermined period. On the other hand, session cookies are temporary and get deleted when you terminate your browsing session.

How We Use Cookies

Here are the cookies that you may encounter on our website and their purposes:

  • Essential Cookies

FinanceRaters needs essential cookies to work correctly. Without these cookies, you can’t navigate our site and use available features seamlessly. We may refer to essential cookies as “strictly necessary cookies.” You can’t turn off these cookies since our site needs them to operate.

  • Performance Cookies

Performance cookies help us gauge how our site performs based on your interactions. We can use these cookies to identify aspects like the amount of time you spend on specific pages on our website and the number of errors you encounter during every visit. These trackers also help us assess loading speeds or bounce rates and improve site performance. Performance cookies do not collect identifiable information.

  • Functionality Cookies

We use functionality cookies to customize our website to your liking. These cookies help us remember your settings and preferences. By accepting them, you enable us to remember all your choices in previous browsing sessions, including your user name, geographical location, and preferred language. We use functionality cookies to ensure you enjoy a personalized experience whenever you visit FinanceRaters.

  • Targeting Cookies

We may run different ads on our website at some point. When that happens, we will use targeting cookies to ensure you encounter relevant advertisements. We don’t want to bombard our visitors with ads that don’t match their interests.

  • Third-Party Cookies

Third parties may place their cookies on our website to collect user data. They may include analytics providers, advertising companies, and affiliate networks. Third-party cookies may track your activities and behaviors on our website. Please review every third party’s cookie policy before consenting.

Accepting and Rejecting Cookies

You can accept or reject most of the cookies on our website. We won’t place cookies on your browser without your consent. When deciding whether or not to accept specific cookies, consider factors like website functionality and privacy concerns.

Although you may reject cookies whenever applicable, note that your actions may affect our site’s ability to provide advanced functionalities and optimized experiences. Keep that in mind before blocking any trackers or cookies related to FinanceRaters.

Managing Cookies

Most popular browsers allow users to manage cookies. However, the exact management process depends on the browser you’re using. Here’s a list of different browsers and the steps to follow:

  • Chrome: Open Chrome, click more, and navigate to “Settings.” Click “Privacy and Security,” find “Cookies and other site data,” and manage your cookie preferences here.  
  • Safari: Open Safari, click the menu icon, and select “Privacy.” You can manage your cookie here.
  • Edge: Open the Edge browser and tap the menu icon. Select “Settings” and find “Cookies and site permissions.” You can change your cookie settings here.
  • Firefox: Launch Firefox, click the menu icon, and go to “Settings.” Navigate to “Privacy and Security” and look for “Cookies and Site Data.” Manage your cookie preferences on this tab.  

Consent to Use Cookies

Our website will ask for your consent where specific cookies are involved. You can withdraw your consent at any time under the right conditions. By giving or withdrawing consent, we mean giving or denying us permission to use cookies to collect, process, and use your data. Note that if you continue using Finance Raters without changing your cookie settings, you consent to continue using our cookies as described in this policy. You must change your browser settings and disable relevant cookies to withdraw consent.

Cookie Policy Changes

We reserve the right to change our cookie policy at any time. But we won’t do it without a good reason. Our team will only change our cookie policies whenever factors like shifting data protection laws and legal compliance are in play.  Check this page regularly to stay on top of our cookie policies and avoid the complications of relying on outdated information. We might also inform you whenever we make significant changes to our cookie policies by posting a notice on our site or through any other means at our disposal.

Questions and Comments

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions regarding our cookie policy, get in touch with us today.