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✔Rich selection of supported payment methods
✔Investor protection programs available

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    HTX, a crypto exchange often associated with billionaire entrepreneur Justin Sun, was founded in 2013 in Beijing, China. Since then, it has spread its wings and now serves millions of customers from 170+ countries. But before you become a member of the HTX exchange family, read our HTX review to learn everything you can about this company.

    Our review is based on our own experience interacting with this platform. We’ve also sourced invaluable insights from user testimonials published on Trustpilot and other reputable sites. Our goal is to provide unbiased information that will enable you to determine whether joining HTX is a worthwhile course. Weigh everything we’ve discussed here carefully before committing to this exchange.

    In This Guide

    Why HTX

    After evaluating this exchange thoroughly, we discovered a few aspects that encouraged us to recommend it. For starters, it offers a wide range of digital assets and supports many popular payment methods. The platform also uses top-tier security protocols and practices to optimize investor safety. 

    However, like most of its peers, HTX has a few cons. We’ve listed them below, alongside the pros we discovered after testing this exchange. Use these points to gauge the company’s alignment with your goals and objectives. Like any other crypto exchange, HTX has its pros and cons. 


    ✔Rich selection of supported payment methods
    ✔Investor protection programs available

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    Pros & Cons


    • Zero transaction fees on the P2P trading platform
    • A rich selection of supported payment methods, especially on P2P
    • Downloadable dedicated apps for Android and IOS available
    • Robust safety and security measures
    • Investor protection programs available


    • High minimum trading volume for OTC Desk ($100,000)
    • The platform’s user interface is not beginner-friendly

    Cryptocurrencies Available

    HTX Cryptocurrencies Available

    The HTX global exchange has 600+ digital assets. Moreover, this exchange has different platforms that you can use to purchase, sell, swap, or trade digital assets. They range from Quick Trade, which supports purchases through popular payment methods like Mastercard, to P2P, HTX’s secure peer-to-peer trading site. If you’re a high net-worth investor, you can use the HTX OTC Desk for larger transactions and enjoy ultra-competitive rates and dedicated support services.

    With that in mind, here are some popular cryptos that you can buy, sell, trade, or swap on HTX:

    • Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin Cash
    • Dogecoin
    • Ethereum
    • Tether
    • USDC
    • XRP (Ripple)
    • HTX
    • TRON’
    • Cardano
    • Litecoin
    • Dash


    Crypto exchanges are prime targets for savvy hackers. HTX knows that and uses various advanced solutions and measures to guarantee unparalleled security. For starters, this company encrypts all communication between the exchange and its users using next-gen SSL technologies. Additionally, its team conducts frequent security and penetration tests. These are indispensable in identifying and resolving potential vulnerabilities before they cause any discernible harm.

    HTX also does all it can to optimize your safety and security when buying or selling coins with the platform. To begin with, when you’re buying, the exchange freezes merchant crypto and releases them once you’ve made your payment. So, as long as you are a legit buyer, you don’t have to worry about merchants ripping you off on HTX.

    HTX doesn’t allow anybody to become a merchant. All the merchants you’ll encounter on this exchange have undergone thorough assessment before getting certified. The same applies to Advertisers, who must be registered with HTX before advertising assets on the P2P platform. As a seller, HTX protects you by holding the assets you’re selling until you receive full payment. You have the right to accept or cancel an order. HTX will never release your assets without your consent.

    Moreover, this exchange uses two programs, the Investor Protection Fund and the Security Reserve Mechanism, to protect you against financial losses that may arise from unforeseen incidents like security breaches. Their purpose is to compensate you if extreme security issues compromise your assets.


    HTX Fees

    Since unplanned-for charges can increase your trading costs and reduce your profits, we decided to evaluate HTX’s fees and inform you accordingly. That way, you can prepare beforehand and avoid nasty surprises.

    From our evaluation, we realized a few things. First, you can use this exchange’s P2P platform and enjoy zero transaction fees. You can enjoy the same perk when using an AdvCash wallet to deposit and withdraw RUB (Russian Ruble). Additionally, people using RUB to buy crypto on HTX incur zero transaction charges.

    This exchange charges 0.02% and 0.05% transaction fees for makers and takers, respectively. These fees are for USDT-margined trading. The actual amount that makers and takers pay while trading with HTX depends on numerous factors, including the filled quantity, transaction prices, and contact face value.

    And if your situation requires you to use HTX’s OTC Desk, you can start smiling now. That is because this platform doesn’t have any transaction fees. Everything you’ll pay while using it is included in the “all-inclusive” price you’ll see.

    But before you fund your HTX account and start trading, you should know a few additional things. For starters, this exchange’s minimum deposit is 100 USDT. If you send a lesser amount to the exchange, it won’t be credited to your account. You’ll have to deposit more USDT to the address you used before until your deposit amount hits or exceeds this threshold.

    Payment Methods

    The HTX P2P platform supports nearly 100 payment methods. They range from commonplace options like AirTm, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Neteller to unique alternatives like Lemon Cash, ZaloPay, and Easypaisa.

    Note that most of the payment methods mentioned above are only available in specific jurisdictions. For instance, Easypaisa is exclusively for account holders from Pakistan. The good news is that you can add a new payment method while selling digital assets on HTX’s P2P. So don’t fret. That said, you should contact HTX’s support team to learn more about the payment methods available in your region.

    On the other hand, you can buy crypto with your debit or credit cards while using this exchange’s Quick Trade platform. The best thing about using cards is they facilitate instant purchases. Moreover, these payment methods are available in most European countries, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, and many other jurisdictions. Please note that HTX only allows people from the UK, Poland, Gibraltar, and Australia to use MasterCard.

    HTX also supports SEPA bank transfers. However, this option is exclusively for EUR deposits; the exchange has yet to embrace SEPA withdrawal services. Before using this payment method for deposits, you must prove that you have a bank account within the SEPA zone and verify your identity successfully.

    Lastly, HTX allows crypto deposits, meaning you can send cryptocurrencies to your HTX exchange account from other platforms. But you must be very careful with crypto deposits. You will lose your tokens if you make a slight mistake, like using the wrong network.

    Customer Service

    Numerous questions and concerns arose while we were evaluating HTX. Our team forwarded most of them to the exchange’s support representatives. We used various channels, including live chat and email, to seek answers and clarification. 

    If you have an urgent issue, chat with the exchange’s live technicians for prompt answers. For queries that are not urgent and require elaborate explanations, email is the best option.

    Before you contact HTX’s support team, check out the company FAQs. HTX has addressed countless frequently asked questions on its platform. The answers are brief but explained well enough to provide fundamental insights.

    Unfortunately, HTX doesn’t offer phone support.  

    How to Open a HTX Account

    Opening a HTX exchange account is straightforward. But before you do it, familiarize yourself with the risks of trading crypto. Digital currencies are very volatile. What seems like soaring crypto prices now can turn into a sharp decline within a few minutes. Come to terms with the fact that such issues are a part of the game, and there’s no way to avoid them. Most importantly, never risk more than you can afford to lose.

    That aside, HTX is regulated by authorities with strict KYC (Know Your Customer) and anti-money laundering (AML policies). As a result, this exchange is required to ask for certain information and documents from new signees. When registering your account, share valid details and documentation. If you don’t do that, your application will be denied. Worse yet, HTX may suspend your account in the future.

    To open a HTX account, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Visit HTX’s official website
    Step 2: Sign up
    Step 3: Provide the required documents
    Step 4: Deposit funds
    Step 5: Invest and Trade

    Go to the official HTX website and confirm if the broker has all you need to become a successful trader. Pay close attention to the supported assets, trading platforms, and stipulated fees. You can also download the HTX app from there if you wish to.

    Click the “Sign Up” button on the top-right corner. Choose whether to register by phone or email and enter the correct details. Consider factors like accessibility and convenience. Enter your phone number or email address and create a strong password. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

    Additionally, use the verification code sent to your phone or email to verify your identity. Then, read and agree to HTX exchange privacy policy and terms of service. Click on your HTX profile and start the personal verification process. You must provide personal information, including your nationality, legal name, and birthday.

    The exchange will also ask for verification documents like your ID and a recent bank statement. Ensure everything you share is yours, clear, and valid. Don’t try to falsify anything since that will lead to complications like premature account suspension. Also, you’ll have to take a selfie.

    Complete verification and wait for approval. Your application should be processed within 24 hours. Contact support if the exchange doesn’t respond after 3 or more days. Finally, Fund your account with 100 USDT or more. If you are a beginner, start with a small amount of crypto you can afford to lose.

    Once there’s money in your account, you can buy any crypto you choose. You can also dive into spot or margin crypto trading. From here, your actions should be dictated by your plans and goals. But be tread carefully and invest wisely to avoid crippling financial losses.

    Final Thoughts

    HTX boasts millions of registered users, and rightly so. After all, this exchange supports an impressive number of cryptos and payment methods. Plus, it offers alluring boons like zero transaction fees on some platforms. But, like any other entity, HTX has its fair share of shortcomings, including high OTC minimum trading requirements.

    Before joining the HTX exchange, consider all the pros and cons associated with this platform. Also, source additional insights from the customer reviews and complaints posted online. 

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    ✔Rich selection of supported payment methods
    ✔Investor protection programs available

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    Finance Raters is not an investment advisor. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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