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Finance Raters is an independent affiliate marketing platform. Here, we discover and recommend the best brokers worldwide. Our research involves multiple tests and comparisons. We also factor in user testimonials from Google Play, Trustpilot, and the App Store. We believe this helps us remain unbiased with our recommendations. 

We feature numerous brokers, trading platforms, and exchanges, all of which are included on our “List of Partners” page. 

What We Offer

This page targets brokerage firms looking to partner with us. We want you to understand what we offer and reach out for a feature. This is if you believe you meet the standards of being the best in your jurisdiction. We aim to help global retail traders and investors find suitable platforms that guarantee an exciting experience. 

Note that Finance Raters partners with trading and investment platforms it finds worthy of its audience. We do not have to be in a commercial relationship to be included in our recommendations list. Our partnership deals are solely based on the services you offer and do not affect our rankings. 

So far, we have seen success in our journey of educating people about online trading and investment. Our audience numbers are increasing and we keep receiving amazing user feedback and media coverage. Finance Raters is now globally recognizable for its impeccable services in sharing top brokers and tips for trading and investing in the financial space. 

What’s In It For Our Partners?

You must wonder what’s in it for you when you partner with Finance Raters. Well, our collaboration will give you global exposure through organic sources. This means more clients for you. We will encourage our readers to sign up for trading and investment accounts with you. 

Keep in mind that we conduct multiple tests and comparisons before including you on our partners’ page. We visit your website, sign up for trading and investment accounts, and explore your features and tools. Then, based on our experience, we write detailed broker reviews for our audience. 

The best element about Finance Raters’ partnership is that your broker review will remain with us without a time limit. And that’s not all. We will update its content annually to ensure all the information we share is up to date and will not mislead readers. However, updating content might affect our broker scoring methodology. So do not be surprised should your score change as well. 

Getting a feature with us gives you an added advantage. We will include you in our searchable and filterable broker comparison tool. This way, our audience can easily find you and commit should they believe in your services. On top of that, Finance Raters will mention you in our educational guides, which focus on the services you offer. 

Broker Requirements

We have quality criteria that brokers must meet to be featured at Finance Raters. For instance, ensure you are fully licensed and regulated by world-recognized authorities. These include the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and more. We strive to give our audience the best, including recommending platforms that guarantee maximum safety. 

You must also have an excellent reputation in the industry, whether within your region or globally. We confirm this element by sampling user testimonials on Google Play, the App Store, and Trustpilot. 

Another requirement you must meet is offering quality trading tools and services. We expect all the clients you get through Finance Raters to enjoy their experience. You should be able to help them perform their best, regardless of their skill level or experience. 

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