Best Pet Insurance in The UK

Pets are part of our daily livelihood and the thought of them being hurt is unexplainable. However, you need to be prepared for the rainy days, especially in cases where you need to pay thousands of pounds for them to get well from injuries or illness. With the best pet insurance in the UK, you will be at peace and be ready to take care of your pets whenever they become unwell.

There are many pet insurance providers in the UK. Therefore we went beyond our comfort zones to research as many as we could. In this guide, we recommend the best pet insurance companies based on that research.

We hope that once you finish reading this, you will be able to make the necessary decisions that will make your pets live happy and healthy.

Best Pet Insurance in the UK

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Any pet owner is guaranteed the best services with either of the above pet insurance providers. In addition, they are known to offer insurance covers for cats and dogs at no extra costs other than the regular policy fees.

To figure out a suitable insurance for your pets, you need to consider your pets’ needs. Decide whether you want to insure them on accident only, time-limited, maximum benefit, or lifetime insurance. 

For instance, Waggel pet insurance prides itself to offer the best pet insurance it could, which it has. With a cover that goes as high as £10,000 on veterinary services, this insurance caters to pets of at least eight weeks old.

 It is the home for any type of insurance you may want for your dog or cat, whether dental, diabetes, cancer, theft and more. 

On the other hand, Bought by Many was, in 2020, voted the most trusted insurance company in the UK. Its services go beyond the UK region, including Sweden, and it offers money-back services if you do not claim. Its fees can go as high as £15,000 for a complete policy on any pet of at least four weeks old. 

Lastly is the Healthy Pets insurance company, which allows you to insure more than ten pets up to eight years old. This means that you can also insure your puppies at Healthy Pets insurance. Its pricing goes up to £7,500 for veterinary services.

Best Pet Insurance for Dogs in the UK

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The above recommended insurance providers are the most prefered by dog owners in the UK. They are very reliable with their services, including customer support that is reachable 24/7 across various channels. They also allow you to choose a plan of your choice from multiple offerings ranging from accident only and time-limited plan to maximum benefit and lifetime insurance. 

For example, the Emporium is one of the most popular insurance providers not only for dogs but for other products such as home, car, weddings, events, and more in the UK. 

Insuring dogs with them is easy since they do not have an age limit. Both young and old dogs are catered for. Its pricing is also fair depending on your plan and can go as high as £8,000 for veterinary cover. 

Waggel insurance has unlimited features for insuring your dog, and it’s also a good option for owners with pets over eight weeks old. When it comes to PetPlan, it is one of the pioneer providers with over four decades of experience. Millions of pets have benefitted from its plans making it a trustworthy platform. 

Best Pet Insurance for Cats in the UK

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The love for cats can be immeasurable to most cat owners, and ensuring their safety is one way to live with them happily and peacefully. The best pet insurance for cats in the UK is your best bet to ensure their security. In addition, the best pet insurance for cats in the UK are user-friendly with various plans to complement your budget. 

Our recommended insurance providers are reliable and will be with you every step of the way until your cat bounces back to its normal healthy condition. So whether it’s a short-term ailment or chronic disease, rest assured you can rely on these three. 

Bought by Many is an award-winning insurance provider ready to insure your cat from at least four weeks old.

Its plan is very flexible but can go up to £15,000 for veterinary cover. 

PetPlan is also a provider offering various plans to choose from, and the prices of each plan vary but is limited to $12,000. It also has pet advice and training tips to ensure your cat stays on its best behaviour. 

Direct Line insurance is also a provider with varying prices limited to £8,000. Therefore, you should confirm its plans before making any decisions. Not only does it cover the expenses for your cat, but it also follows up on the cat’s wellness through video calls and text messages. 

The Cheapest Pet Insurance in the UK

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Budget-conscious pet owners should consider either of the above three since they are the cheapest pet insurers in the UK market. You will be able to find an excellent cover for your dog or cat at a pocket-friendly price. Their services are outstanding, including customer support service that is available 24/7.

With cashback money services, our recommended insurance providers have varying premiums. However, they all have low policy prices for pets of different ages. For instance, Bought By Many offers discounts for multiple pets insured in the same policy. It also has an option for “no excess” if your pet is over nine years.

On the other hand, Healthy Pets continues to satisfy various clients with its world-class services. In addition, the website is easily navigable with a 20% discount if you purchase a pet’s premium online. 

Lastly is LV, which has been in the industry for a while now and has changed many pets’ lives. By providing affordable premiums, this insurance provider has managed to keep many pets happy and healthy. It also has a modern design platform with a 10% discount when you buy an online premium.

Pet Insurance With Dental Cover in the UK

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Pets also need dental care for their own well-being. You will never know when an illness or injury will occur, and with dental coverage, there won’t be a need to worry about your pet’s health. 

Our recommended pet insurance companies with dental covers in the UK cover all dental injuries or illnesses among pets. 

However, you need to ensure that your pet receives annual checks and treatment to avoid getting a disease or injury.

Bought by Many, for example, is the highest dental coverage provider for pets in the UK. It is also the most popular, making it an option if you want a plan for your pet. LV also has an impeccable platform for dental coverage. In addition, it hosts other services, including holiday coverage for your pet.

Pet Insurance With Immediate Cover in the UK

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If you are looking for insurance for your pet with immediate cover, then our recommended three are the best in the UK. They cater to your pets anytime, whether you are at home or on vacation. 

Waggel insurance is known to offer impeccable services and follows up on the well-being of your pets with phone calls and messages. Its pricing is also within any pet owner’s budget, depending on the plan you want to go for. The plan can go up to £10,000 annually for veterinary services. 

Additionally, Direct Line also has an immediate cover, and pets get to receive treatments at affordable costs up to £8,000 annually. It offers discounts on various plans, including 12.5% on insuring multiple pets on the same policy. 

Finally is the Scratch and Patch insurance, which also allows up to £8,000 annual vet services. It does not cover pre-existing conditions on your pet for immediate cover, but rest assured it comes through for any injuries or ailments. The pricing for this provider is also among the cheapest in the UK. 

Best Life-Time Pet Insurance in the UK

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The above insurance providers will cover your pet’s medical bills for a lifetime. These conditions include recurring ones, whether dental or overall health. For instance, Waggel insures pets from 8 weeks old until they die at an adjustable price with coverage up to £10,000.

Bought by Many is also a good option for lifetime insurance and the best thing about it is that you can start insuring your pets from 4 weeks old. This provider also does follow-ups on your pet and offers expert advice through video calls.

You can get a plan with up to £15,000 on vet services and a 15% discount if you insure multiple pets. 

Life-time pet insurance with PetPlan is another option worth your consideration. This provider has 40 years of experience, meaning that they can be trusted with long term services. Its plans cover pets from 6 weeks to 9 years with a maximum vet fee of £12,000. It also has discounts for online purchases and multiple pets.

How To Find The Best Pet Insurance?

There are many pet insurance in the UK, and pet owners need to be careful in choosing the one complementing their pet’s needs. The policy should match your pet’s age, how frequent it falls ill, and your budget. 

Although more information about an insurance provider can be found through their brochures via veterinary doctors, there is no guarantee that those insurance providers will be the best for your pet. You need to confirm the following elements. 

Pet insurance cost

This is an essential element in finding the best pet insurance. The policy must be within your budget, and you must confirm all costs on various plans before taking the plunge. 

Pet’s age

Pet insurance companies have varying requirements when it comes to the age at which you should insure your pet. While some insurance companies will not accept very young pets under eight weeks, some will. Unfortunately, others will also have a limit to older pets, and so you must dig deeper to confirm if your pet’s age falls under their requirement’s bracket. 

Type of policy

There are four significant policies for pets in the UK to choose from. This includes accident only, time-limited, maximum benefit, and lifetime insurance.

Consider a cover that is best for your pet, whether you want it to be offering extra services when your pet falls ill or gets injured or whether it should be limited to specific offerings. 

User reviews

User reviews are honest comments about customers’ experiences on whether they benefited from particular insurance or not. Going through such comments will give you an overview of what to expect and if a policy is worth a try. 

Type of pet

Dogs’ insurance is usually more costly than cats’. Therefore, whether you own a dog or a cat, you must confirm if the policy you are willing to purchase is for your pet type. 

Deductible and reimbursement levels

Every time you purchase a pet policy, there will be a deductible and reimbursement level to choose from. A deductible level is an amount that you are required to pay to your pet’s veterinary professionals yearly before your pet’s policy kicks in. It is paid once for every new pet’s condition, and the higher the deductible, the less the monthly policy payments. 

After deductibles are met, you are now free to submit your dog or cat’s bill to the insurance provider for reimbursement, which will also include a purchase level. 

Benefits of Pet Insurance

Like you, pets need protection as well. Whether you consider your pet an indoor or outdoor mate, securing their health with an excellent  insurance cover has a lot of benefits, including: 

  1. When your pet falls ill or gets injured, healthcare insurance can be a life saver, especially if you have thousands of pounds as bills to be paid. 
  2. Pet insurance gives you peace of mind, and in case your pet gets a chronic disease or severe injuries, you will not have to worry about getting extra cash for surgeries and more. Your only concern will be its well-being. 
  1. You have various treatment options for your cat or dog with pet insurance. Any kind of treatment will be available for your pet anytime they need it. 
  2. With pet insurance, you are free to choose a suitable vet for them. As a result, your pet is guaranteed the best services.
  3. Pet insurance encourages a healthy pet lifestyle since your pet will always be catered to when ill or injured.


Is it worth having pet insurance in the UK?
Yes. Pet injuries and illness are not something we expect but they do occur. When this happens, pet insurance will cater to the medical expenses even though you will also pay a small fee such as deductibles.
Is there pet insurance that covers everything?
Yes. Insurance providers in the UK cover all kinds of illness, whether chronic, hereditary and congenital, or wellness checkups.
How else can I protect my pet?
The best way to protect your pet is using an insurance provider like the ones listed above on our mini-reviews.
Does pet insurance cost depend on what kind of animal you have?
Absolutely. Cats insurance plans are different from dogs’. Your pet’s breed will also be a determining factor in the insurance cost to purchase.
Can I insure my older pet?
Yes. Some insurance providers do not have age limits for insuring your pet, making it easier for older pets also to enjoy the benefits.
Can I cover more than one pet on the same policy?
Yes. It is possible to have one policy for multiple pets. Simply confirm the provider offering such services.


Typically, most insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. However, it does not mean that your pet cannot get insured. They can still receive healthcare services from other insurance plans and live happily.

The insurance providers referenced here have all been thoroughly researched on by our experts. Therefore, if you are spoilt for choice or have been thinking of insuring your pet, look no further. These providers will come to your rescue anytime, any day to ensure your pet bounces back to its normal playful condition.


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